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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  September 22, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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on al-jazeera. we don't normally would. this. could be rationed. all over the. like. this is al jazeera. hello i'm rob not this and this is the news hour live from doha coming out of the next sixty minutes north korea says it may carry out a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean as donald trump ups the pressure with new
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sanctions plus. we are horrified to see that the millionaires already are laying landmines a stern call for action on that ahead from bangladesh's prime minister. in mexico the death toll from tuesday's earthquake passes two hundred seventy officials say that is still expected to rise. out of him maria hits the dominican republic and appears to be headed for the talks and caicos islands next. north korea's foreign minister says his country may consider a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific ocean this follows new sanctions imposed by u.s. president donald trump on top of those passed by the u.n. north korea responded to those sanctions and trump speech at the u.n. early. this week with
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a rare statement from leader kim jong un who said his remarks which describe the us option have convinced me that the path i chose is correct and that it is the one i have to follow to the last we will consider with seriousness exercising a corresponding highest level of hardline countermeasures in history i will make the man holding the parag of the supreme command in the us pay dearly for his speech calling for totally destroying the d.p. r. k. let's get some reaction from south korea no caffeine no vikas joining us live from seoul cathy obviously those words coming from the north korean foreign minister they're just upping the ante yet again but again perhaps not a surprise given the announcement of sanctions by donald trump. well yes the these remarks coming from the north korean foreign minister were on the back of that statement coming from the leader kim jong un he was asked what kim jong un could mean by the highest level of countermeasures in history and suggested that we don't
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know but one of the options perhaps could be detonating a hydrogen bomb in the pacific now here in south korea we've been hearing from the unification ministry in a briefing asked about those remarks and saying that there must be a peaceful solution and to the situation here on the korean peninsula of course we heard from the south korean president in speaking to the u.n. general assembly earlier and he was pushing this message of peace he has in the past said that there must be maximum pressure there must be sanctions on the north korean regime but there must not be another war on the korean peninsula and he repeated some of the statements that he has made in the past saying that south korea does not desire the collapse of north korea that it does not seek unification by absorption or by artificial means so south korea here trying to push forward that message of peace and retching down the pressure as we have this back and forth between the u.s.
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president donald trump and the leader of north korea kim jong un. we saw earlier on that the leader of south korea was. very supportive of the moves that were being taken by donald trump but in what respect to the people of south korea concerned about the words that are coming from donald trump as well as the words that are coming from kim jong. it's a good question because here in south korea this cycle is somewhat normal but these tensions seem to be heightened more than we've seen in the past south korea is used to this kind of rhetoric coming out of the north korean government it is used to the fact that this country remains technically at war with north korea so when we actually asked some people here in the streets of seoul just the other day what they thought of donald trump's remarks the answer has ranged from oh this is something to be expected from donald trump to oh i don't even really pay much attention to the news so there's a bit of
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a disconnect between perhaps what the international community sees when it hears about these tensions here on the korean peninsula and the south korean public but it also must be said that the south korean government is taking this very seriously it continues to push as i say for this message of peace but it wants the message to north korea to be that these provocations cannot be tolerated that they will be met with further pressure and further sanctions as we've seen not only from the u.n. but also individually from the united states as you mentioned because even now thank you very much indeed well as we mentioned north korea's hydrogen bomb threat follows new sanctions imposed by u.s. president and donald trump the e.u. and china are also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program or diplomatic editor james bays reports from new york days after he threatened to destroy north korea militarily now a fresh attempt by president trump economic destruction for them announcing
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a new executive order just signed that significantly expands our authorities to target individuals companies for their jewel institutions that finance and facilitate trade with north korea. he was flanked by the leaders of the two countries most at risk from north korea the prime minister of japan and the president of south korea not present the nation which will probably be most affected by the new sanctions china but it appears there was some coordination before this move was taken china their central bank has told their other banks it's a massive banking system to immediately stop doing business with north korea in his speech to the general assembly china's foreign minister wang ye made no mention of that and again stressed dialogue was the only way to solve the crisis
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for one and. we urge the d.p. r. k. not to continue in this dangerous direction we call upon the u.s. to honor its former commitment and we call upon all parties to play a constructive role in easing tensions there is still hope for peace and we must not give up negotiation is the only way out which deserves every effort. in a special security council session on nuclear weapons the us secretary of state rex tillerson cited south africa. and ukraine as examples of countries that have thrived after giving up the bomb parts in its official statements north korea often quotes another example libya gave up its nuclear and chemical weapons program in two thousand and three eight years later its leader colonel gadhafi was toppled with the help of the u.s. and its allies james al-jazeera at the united nations isaac stone fish is
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a senior fellow at the asia society center on u.s. china relations he's joining us live from new york thank you very much for your time so china donald trump actually was saying that china was going to encourage its central bank not to do business with north korea i'm reading that china's central bank has yet to respond to reports that it's been ordered to force banks to strictly enforce those new sanctions but why do you think china has been put in the position of making this statement and. i think trump and the rest of the world recognizes that any deal with pyongyang has to go through both beijing and d.c. and trump sees. a further way that he can. draw the chinese into doing more against north korea and the chinese so far
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see it quite differently one of the issues in all of this of course is going to be transparency how easy is it going to be to make sure that china and china and its banks are actually keeping their side of the bargain when it comes to sanctions. i think that's a really good point you raise there it's going to be near impossible and i think the there's two different issues to think about with that one is how much beijing actually juan's actually means when they say we're going to take these steps to sanction chinese entities that work with north korea or we're really going to try to crack down on this and the second issue is how much those entities across china are actually going to listen to beijing there's a chinese expression the mountains are high and the emperors far away and it's very possible for something like this because even if beijing says ok these are the ways that you're going to have to deal with north korea going forward a lot of times chinese entrepreneurs chinese individuals even some chinese banks
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would ignore these directives if they do ignore these directives if i understand what donald trump was saying earlier on them basically they're going to have to choose between whether or not they do business with north korea or they do business with the u.s. how much of an impact is that likely to have on business relations between the u.s. and china find us down the correctly china holds about one point zero six trillion dollars of u.s. national debt that's the kind of thing you can't really unpick easily. well we're in a difficult position trying to parse trump statements because so much of what he said what he says is verifiably false you know trump said on monday that he was going to totally destroy north korea if they you know if they threaten the u.s. or its allies that's not going to happen that was a lie a lot of things that he says like that so he'd also tweeted a few weeks ago that you know we're considering cutting off trade with any country
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that trades with north korea china will continue to trade with north korea on some level the u.s. is not going to cut off trade with china because there are some north korean fishermen who trade with chinese fishermen so it's just really hard for us to hear what trump says and then assume that he's going to do it because of all the times in the past that he said things that were frankly lies. once again this was an example which is all has become very common now all of the president making one type of statement a very strong statement and then as we saw the united nations general assembly both the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. and also the secretary of state not rolling back on what he said but attempting in some way to soften it to some degree when it comes to u.s. the u.s. his relationship with china who does china look at there's a look at donald trump or does he look at the state department and those in the
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administration below donald trump. well that's a great question in administrations past there was always a point person who would handle the china portfolio hank paulson the former treasury secretary kissinger for example and always be sort of a china hand in the administration and bad in in part played that role but there doesn't seem to be someone in the white house right now who both officially and unofficially handles that relationship i don't think they really look to tillerson in the chinese system the foreign ministry is quite weak and in the american system under trump the state department's a lot weaker than it used to be i hope that they understand that trump says a lot of things that he doesn't mean and doesn't really understand that his words cause people to listen to him you know he just says things and then walks away from them so i hope there's an understanding in beijing that
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a lot of what he says he's not serious about vision is a senior fellow at the ages so it's the size he sent to on u.s. china relations thank you very much indeed for your time. the bangladesh prime minister sheikh hasina made a plea to the united nations to help that all hinge of refugees return home to me and long i see no called for the un and the international community to take action to stop ethnic cleansing the prime minister wants a safe zone set up in me a model which the u.n. would police she also wants the secretary general to conduct a fund finding mission and me and my own of. we are horrified to see that the man maurice already are laying landmines along their stretch of the border to prevent the road from returning to me and mine. these people must be able to return to their homeland in safety and security and dignity. at the same time i condemn all kinds of terrorism and violent extremism too ok for
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more let's cross to nicholas hytner joining us live from cox's bazaar in bangladesh near the me and border nicholas just give us an indication of the conditions that people are living in there. well we've been spending the last two days inside the camps and i've been there a couple of years before and the conditions are absolutely horrific you have hundreds of thousands of people in camps using plastic sheets they're normally use for caring rubbish to use to cover themselves for their homes and every day there are more and more people coming in just yesterday we continue to see villages burning despite being more authorities saying that their operation their clearing operation as they call it is over now we met some of these new arrival
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take a look at this report. asking for money from strangers is no easy task when you have never done it before it's especially difficult when you are a child just a week ago was playing in the fields near her home in myanmar is reckoned state unaware of the dangers to come but then masked men set her house on fire killing her parents she travelled alone to bangladesh here a former neighbor took her under a care. i miss my mother had such hugs i miss her cooking i miss the way my parents made me feel she is not alone according to the agency save the children a thousand ringgit children have either been separated from their parents or orphaned and what the un describes as textbook ethnic cleansing by mean more security forces. for decades now mean mars government refuses to allow ring of
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children in state run schools. are denied access to government run medical facilities they live in poor conditions segregated from others and their recent experience appears to have brought the ring get closer they look after each other with. my concern is that she doesn't end up being exploited by sex traffickers people trying to use her she's smart and she's now part of my family. there are brief moments of fun but for the most part running the children have to act like adults they work build homes and search for food. this is the hardest part of the day for. and all the others here she is going to have to compete with adults other children to try to get a small bag of rice and lend and that will be their meal for the day. in the chaos she fails to get irrational she returns to her tent empty handed and alone.
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this is the start of a new life as a ten year old refugee in a foreign land. makers are any indication that more aid is coming to help the refugees. well there's definitely a need for more aid right now in bangladesh is taking the lead in terms of relief with the bangladesh army really being deployed for that effort but as prime minister sheikh hasina mentioned in her speech there are eight hundred thousand let me say this again eight hundred thousand were hinges that are at the border in cox's bizarre there are more people living here as refugees as there are people living in liverpool or the city of brussels in belgium is the extent of the humanitarian emergency that is unfolding here on this side of the border.
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desperate people desperately needing help they need food they need shelter and they also need counseling there you know a lot of the people that we've met have crossed the border have come with injuries with stories of trauma this is a people that needs the world's attention and so prime minister shake his head that the bangladeshi president is trying to highlight the issue the big regional players like china and india have mostly been silent over the plight of the bangladesh is really taking the lead on this issue trying to garner more support from the international community and of course we've seen leaders of the world in the u.n. general assembly condemning what the united nations calls textbook ethnic cleansing but the aid has been slow to come we've seen trucks coming in small aid agencies people from the south africa from turkey from. bringing some aid relief to.
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a lot of countries from the muslim world are participating in this effort there's more of a need for international aid and one of the reason this isn't coming through as quickly. it should is because in the past the bangladeshi government has made it difficult for international aid agencies to have the proper paperwork and documentation in order to operate in those areas so. doctors without borders to name one of them had has had some issues with getting the proper critic patient in order to work because just a few years ago bangladesh refused to recognize that there was an issue with it only recognized forty thousand across the border but in fact there were many more but now seeing the. exit this of people is just something too big to ignore so now prime minister sheikh hasina and the bangladeshi government are really taking the lead trying to garner some support from the international
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community. thanks very much indeed let's go over to scott joining us from the city of mandalay. and is nicholas was saying the. scene i had spoken to the u.n. general assembly she wants safe zones set up and. which the u.n. would police she also wants the secretary general to carry out a fact finding mission do you think any of this is going to resonate with the government of myanmar. well i think they'll probably stick to their party line if you will that on song suchi spelled out earlier in the week on their first speech directly dealing with their hinge that was held in the capital naypyidaw now one thing that's interesting coming out of this speech the prime minister of bangladesh a speech at the united nations general assembly there has been an official government reaction to it just yet but there has been social media reaction and it's interesting to see this that though a lot of the the comments in the lines coming out from people commenting on facebook and other social media platforms pretty much is in line with what on songs
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that she was saying earlier in the week they are really kind of the i would say the most of the population feels as though the are hinge an issue is still the same despite the horror we've seen over the last couple of weeks and that is many people most people the government particularly sees them as most of the range as illegal migrants obviously they've been here for generations they've been here for centuries but they still see them view them as not citizens of myanmar so that's a lot of how lot of the reaction we're seeing based on this speech is that they still are sticking to that line one thing that's very interesting in her speech the prime minister from bangladesh mentioned landmines and it's interesting here in myanmar the government has refused to acknowledge that they have actually said the border police. the body that's protecting the border and policing the border has said that there was but there was no land mines laid on mars government so obviously that's going to be a sticking point diplomatically speaking when the two countries start talking about
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how to move forward with this crisis rob scott i'm reporting from my delays scott thanks very much indeed. more ahead on the news hour including people in the philippines mark a dark chapter in history by highlighting present day human rights violations buying two weeks of pressure facebook agrees to reveal the political ads it sold to russians ahead of the u.s. election and spanish tennis star rafael nadal weighs in on the issue of catalonia and independence we'll hear his views in the sport. mexico's search and rescue operations focusing on ten buildings where authorities hope to find people who survived tuesday's seven point one quake at least two hundred and seventy three people died when buildings collapsed and two thousand people were injured about fifty people are being pulled out alive from under the rubble. reports. with each passing hour the hope to find survivors
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grows more desperate the work more grim the body count continues to rise since the seven point one magnitude quake struck central mexico tuesday afternoon vasquez had an appointment inside an office building in mexico city his wife says he arrived half an hour before the quake struck in the six story building collapsed she found his car parked nearby. where here outside waiting for him to come out he has to be ok no. the families of some forty people feared trapped or dead inside the building are holding vigil along with hundreds of professional rescuers and volunteers we just got close to one of the rescue sides with this brigade of volunteers who are now waiting for instructions some working for more than thirty hours without stop their target this apartment building or what once was you see now the soldier with
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a police dog on top of that pile of rubble it is fear that beneath him another forty some people are still trapped the dogs have already indicated there are signs of life inside but what they really need at this site and many others now are thermal imaging equipment families begging for more technology to help rescue their loved ones. that much of the families are also fearful that the government will begin using bulldozers and cranes. heavy machinery because supposedly there's no one else left alive but they're pulling out survivors at least twenty nine people have already been rescued from these ruins alone dozens of other sites the city. representing mexicans and here to help the children. at a school where the mexican navy says nineteen children were found dead eleven others were pulled out a life and adults may still be trapped. the work is painstakingly slow the stakes
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in measurably high. castro al-jazeera mexico city hurricane maria is picking up strength as it makes its way up the caribbean the storm which began as a category five was downgraded on wedding stay but it's now back up to a category three but a rico has been one of the islands were hit worst by the storm and it is there. the mare of four to rico's capital says the san juan he knows is gone and as we left the city it's not hard to see why in time neighborhoods ringgold with floodwaters even as residents patiently wait in traffic jams to head into the city to buy provisions or make contact with loved ones many roads here remain flooded. in nearby louisa the damage is extensive really hard. we came from everywhere oscar ramiro says been through powerful hurricanes before but says maria it was terrifying he took shelter with his family but his home was wrecked and rebuilding
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isn't something many here can afford. i don't know whether the world will say is they going to need. help whatever so they give us some help will rebuild we've got we go we were going all the place to go in last been eunice on puerto rico's coast many have lost everything local resident peterson dollars is one of a few volunteers offering comfort water and transport to safer locations you know i didn't lose anything with just you know water you know got i got one in my house and stuff like that and all my friends got a military truck and came and picked me up when it would just start here you know how about no life has been left untouched by hurricane maria the sheer scale of the damage is almost too much to process and this community is normally a short drive from san juan but right now it feels completely cut off and here's something else to bear in mind there is no power across the entire island know about phone coverage so people can't talk to each other and government help more.
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here are being told they simply going to have to wait it's a wait that worries many desperately in need of help and they said that we're not going to the government to win anything for three days until they communicate with their families and do everything so that then they proceed to move everything so everything goes back to. puerto rico remains in a state of crisis. almost no is that recovery will be taking the slow and together crowd is zero lost when eunice puerto rico. more than ten thousand people in the philippines have held a rally against president roderigo deter marking forty five years since martial law was imposed in the country many people who were tortured and jailed under then president. what at the rally they say their human rights one under threat. reports. it's been more than thirty years since people power brought an end to the government of president for dinner marcos but protesters here say they are even
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more defiant and angry now the martial years were deeply oppressive they say more than three thousand people were killed and thousands more were jute and tortured but decades on they see they are now reliving it under president really good detectives government. pointing to rights more than thirteen thousand people have been killed since president to thirty launched his so-called war on drugs more than a year ago many of them killed by vigilante groups believed to be linked to police . say they are no longer intimidated. they call him a fascist and with the police killing army. also come under fire for a multimillion dollar drug smuggling case implicating members of his government and even his own son his refusal to sign waivers that will show respect accounts has
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angered many here they demand transparency from his government. says these are baseless accusations his government is focused on institutional reforms and the opposition is merely using commemorations like this one to the step allies his administration but public anger continues to grow they say just like marcos has all the qualities of a dictator. there warns of nationwide. if protests like this one turned violent activists say they are not afraid. that. we stand up and we cannot allow. a lot of pressure. despite this terror to shows no sign of softening his policies very fiery temper so they're they're scared. and that is that. the
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people. here. the majority of those who joined that rally here were born after the martial law years marcus's rule was brutal and abusive and he would never let history repeat itself again. duggan al-jazeera manila. still aired on al-jazeera. for protests in catalonia spain central government steps up attempts to stop and independence referendum and we'll tell you why some polish politicians believe germany owes their country one trillion dollars in sports just three weeks after breaking his leg moto g.p. great valentino rossi contemplates a return to racing. from the waves in the south. to the contours of the east.
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we still have tropical storm making its presence felt across the northeastern corner of the united states swirling away some big and heavy seas just pushing into new york new jersey across new england maybe into the southeast corner of canada as well little area of cloud there also making its way across the ice and then another area of cloud just pushing in over the mountain states because see some snow. coming through here just six celsius in calgary very much on the cold side of twenty degrees warmer than that for new york there is at least some warmth around but so that windy weather the rough seas the choppy waters they remain off shore on friday sas they starting to edge way twenty nine celsius in new york by that stage so some pleasant warm sunshine coming through and also we're could also see highs of around twenty nine degrees some wet weather there into central parts of canada though through the canadian prairie is coming down through the northern plains
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pushing over towards arizona new mexico could see a little bit of wet weather one in dallas thirty four degrees celcius before the dry for southern parts of the u.s. not suffice that a not so dry into the caribbean of course we do still have hurricane maria making its presence felt it will make its way further northwards over the next couple of days. the weather sponsored by cattle and race. in the next episode of science in a golden age i'll be exploring the contributions made by scholars join the medieval islamic period in the field of medicine. science tend to be a good subject to bring different people from all over the world together. to such like a magical but the more i learn about the more i respect science in a golden age with professor jim miller at this time on a just. one of the really special things that working for al jazeera is that even
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as a camera woman i get to have so much empathy and contribution to a story i feel we cover this region better than anyone else working for us as you know it's very challenging even in this particular because you have a lot of people that are divided on political issues we are the people who believe to tell the real stories are just mended is to deliver in-depth journalism we don't feel inferior to the audience across the globe. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour north korea's foreign minister says his country may consider testing a hydrogen bomb in the pacific ocean this follows a new sanctions imposed by u.s.
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president donald trump on top of those passed by the un the e.u. and china are also stepping up measures against pyongyang over its nuclear program . bangladesh's prime minister has a used her address at the u.n. general assembly to push the international community on that a hinge a crisis she wants the u.n. to help establish a safe zone. as for people who fled the violence in me a mosque rocking state. in mexico rescue efforts are being stepped up to find survivors of tuesday's powerful earthquake the death toll is now at least two hundred seventy three officials say this number is likely to rise mexico's president believes people may be alive in at least ten collapsed buildings. protesters in barcelona have gathered outside the supreme court to demand the release of several cattle on government officials but arrested by spanish security forces earlier this week for planning next month's independence referendum call pen hall has the latest from barcelona.
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synchronized defiance. i don't know when it's now or never it's impossible to delay this referendum and if the castle and government negotiate we will occupy the streets. the target of pro independence protesters on thursday was the supremes court in boston lona. was the trigger was the arrested of more than a dozen cattle and government officials are directly responsible for the going izing the referendum. that prompted some older demonstrators here to draw parallels to general franco's dictatorship four decades ago and this human for it to stop this franco style dictatorial regime must explode and we must set up a republic spain's central government has vowed to shut down what it declares is an
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illegal referendum so protesters brought along their own card for ballot boxes. others printed their own voting slips with the kind of potato you know radio earlier spanish security forces confiscated more than ten million ballot papers that were then. we went. to they were not of the way or. the. other this. was interior ministry was next up was the easiest way it was to keep at least the protest the way i was i did although this was the first for now it's more music than muscle but nobody's forgetting that the stakes are high breaking away from the spanish government and its king.
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was. the equals for independence that to the central government sound like a cry of rebellion. spain. the un is worried that an election planned for next year in south sudan could lead to more violence in the region and calling for a dormant peace process to be revitalized before the vote is held her morgan reports from kabul in the northeast. she's lost her children and fled her village with her grandchildren now when you will says she doesn't hold much hope of getting to bury them she says government soldiers attacked her village forcing her to leave . i used to live in new i but got displaced by the army when they came to our area and a ten village have killed so many people including my children and the father. is
5:38 am
one of thousands of civilians who have been displaced in the past few months of the conflict south sudan has been at war for much of its time since it gained independence in twenty eleven fighting between government and opposition rebels in the past few months has forced many south sudanese from their homes several have ended up here in a couple one of the last few areas controlled by opposition rebels led by the former vice president riek machar but there are problems here too including shortages of food and medicine many rely on fishing but the conflict has made it hard for them to access parts of the river. if there are areas where the government soldiers and i get close to them i stay hidden and drew away so they don't see me if they see me then it's a problem for me a problem made worse by the large number of people who have fled to this region at least twenty five thousand people have lost their homes since april because of fighting between government and opposition forces some of those displaced have crossed the border into if you're adding to the refugee crisis is the scribe as the
5:39 am
fastest growing in the world a quarter of the country's twelve million population is now displaced and the u.n. says seven point six million are in need of aid but delivering that aid has challenges we do have into what we call a localized from him so actually the from is not widespread but actually has been it has affected actually particular areas of the country of course one of the american arses is one of the main issues with everything's so so done not only not go but overall in the country as fighting in displacement continues and despite warnings from the international community and the u.n. south sudan's government has announced it plans to hold a presidential election next year as part of the twenty fifteen peace deal it's fine with the opposition we are implementing that remain as it came where waiting for me i got and they are you and the u.n. security council to tell us what we would do for them yes. what i would say we are
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going for elections but for many thousands who have been displaced like. a presidential election is the last thing on their minds he will morgan al-jazeera coble south sudan the canyon president says a courtroom in that an old his election victory last month is a coup that could throw the country into judicial chaos kenyatta's says the supreme court has stolen democracy from the people kenya's election board says the presidential election will be looked over the twenty sixth the court blames the electoral commission for its decision to nullify the result saying it ran a poll that was neither transparent nor verifiable. by admitting they've got to get away for a little like kenya what has really happened in our country is nothing short of what kenya has so successfully managed to avoid over the last fifty years or so of our independence that has happened in many other countries where we have seen military coups overthrowing civilian government but today we have broken our
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history with a coup in the republic of kenya that has been done by four people in the courts this is a coup and i must call it what it is and i will never be afraid to say it speaking exclusively to our jazeera the kenyan opposition leader raila odinga says he's fully behind the court's decision. the did. the right thing because you know i know that i didn't lose elections i know the one deliberations and the results were just manipulated so this is what we just. did the right thing. the evidence before us and those illusions and a reminder you can see the rest of that exclusive interview with a very low doing that today friday at nine thirty g.m.t. here on al-jazeera. facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg says he plans to share information about
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a russian linked adverts with the u.s. congress according to facebook some three thousand political ads organized by operatives based in russia ran on the site before last year's presidential election we are actively working with the u.s. government on its ongoing investigations into russian interference we've been investigating this for many months now and for a while we had found no evidence of fake accounts link to russian link to russia running ads and when we recently uncovered this activity we provided that information to the special counsel we also briefed congress and this morning i directed our team to provide the ads we've found to congress as well now as a general rule we're going to be limited in what we can discuss publicly about ongoing law enforcement investigation so we may not always be able to share all of our findings publicly but we support congress in deciding how to best use this information to inform the public and we expect the government to publish its findings when their investigation is complete our white house correspondent
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kimberly hoggard has more. facebook has announced that it will continue to work with the u.s. government as it continues its probe into russian meddling in election interference it will also continue its own investigation and will be wopper to have in sharing the information results of those investigations but it's also taking other steps to to ensure election integrity and to ensure that facebook increases its enforcement in terms of ads that are purchased just closing where those ads came from who paid for them and what their political motivations might be it is going to try and increase transparency and security and share that information with even compact heating tech companies or competitors as well to facebook c.e.o. mark zuckerberg has announced that it hopes to increase is partnerships with election commissions around the world and increase the effort to get out the vote the goal zuckerberg says is to not only be
5:44 am
a force for good but also to make sure the elections around the world not just in the united states are free and fair. it is c.e.o. of connect safely dog it's an internet safety organization that advises companies including facebook on safety issues and he's joining us now from months of you in california thank you very much indeed for your time i was interested in something that mug zuckerberg said in his statement there that facebook had been investigating this for many months and they found no evidence of fake accounts linked to russia until recently why is it so difficult for a company like facebook to find these things. well when you think about the volume of advertising that they carry and the fact that it fell third if in most cases it's not if somebody from russia called up a facebook employee and said i want to buy an added follow done through online tools it is difficult for them to do know exactly who bought what and of course now
5:45 am
they're under such incredible pressure that i think that they are digging deeper and more carefully than they might have when they first started. privacy has always been an issue as far as facebook is concerned how do you think the facebook users are going to react when they see this cooperation between facebook and the u.s. congress are they going to have more questions do you think about the information that they have on facebook that might be made available to the government under certain circumstances. well that's a very good question an important issue and one of the reasons that facebook is not difficult with the ads to the public is just that because their customer the people who buy the ads expect privacy and of course the ads are public so it's not if they would be disclosing personal information but nevertheless we all want to facebook to protect our information but at the same time we want government to be able to investigate crimes and be able to put away that guy there in this case perhaps
5:46 am
prevent other government from interfering with our election fellow it's a slippery slope that we have to worry about in facebook thinks about but again this is such an important issue that affects not just the united states but all over the world when a foreign government can buy ads and interfere with a domestic election. how much is this done to the responsibility of the companies like facebook and of course there are several to control to some degree the votes in the material that appears on their screens on their systems and how much of it is actually done to the personal responsibility of human beings who look at this stuff to try to be to bring some sort of credibility or incredulity i should say to this kind of material. well to begin with i think we all need to put our critical thinking caps on and really look at any information we see through. careful lenses to make sure that we're not being hoodwinked or being lied to but at
5:47 am
the same time when it comes to advertising when it comes to a business relationship facebook is getting money for the that so it's not as if they're just you there expressing their opinion their commercial relationships and i think the company does have a responsibility to try to make sure that the ads that it's getting money for are accurate are at least credible so i think it's a combination but at the end of the day you're absolutely right whatever the fourth of information is we all need to look at it critically and decide whether we find it believable larry much of it is c.e.o. of connect safely dogs thank you very much for your time the polish government is demanding that germany pay as much as a trillion dollars in compensation for the nazi invasion during the second world war or as lee has more. driving across the border from germany into poland is to follow the route the german tanks took in nine hundred thirty nine if anywhere has a right to feel bitter it is set in where thousands of poles were enslaved into
5:48 am
forced labor the museum exhibits the wholesale destruction of the occupation and later british bombing of the city poland's ruling law and justice party has neither forgotten nor forgiven the germans for hitler or the week of the german election a proposed trillion dollars was put as a figure for war reparations where he studied at the history is clear it clearly shows who is the aggressor and which country was the one that lost so much i think that is poland so in germans we need to sit and talk about. this weekend's election is predicted to be a story in germany of angela merkel's invincibility as well as the conclusive proof the twenty seventeen was the year when the european union came together after years of division but try telling that to germany's eastern neighbors poland out of most states or germany is indicative of a wider complaints among the so-called vicious group of countries to the east of germany all of them say that germany is economic and political superiority is far
5:49 am
from being an opportunity but is in fact a new form of imperialism almost as powerful as military force. german investors find themselves attracted to a place with a direct motorway links rates of berlin and several huge ports with access to wealthy scandinavia the biggest investor of this one is the german railway companies like amazon can set up one kilometer inside poland and advertise jobs here for less than four dollars an hour and a half the german minimum wage nationalist politicians across eastern europe paint globalization as a new form of virtual slave labor encouraged by the germans. but business here says there is almost no unemployment and poland would be in a far worse position without the investment i don't think that's in this kind of rhetorical greatly helping us to convince new investors so we are we are really working very hard to be credible to show them and prove to
5:50 am
potential investors that they decision will be wise and that they will be they will feel safe in this area years of reconciliation and open borders cement poles and germans moving freely between their countries most benefits even if poland's current governments paints it as bad for them sorting it out will be one of merkel's biggest issues when she begins her fourth term in office largely al-jazeera set you. still ahead an al-jazeera in sports new evidence about the link between brain injuries and american football touch on a lot of details. it's
5:51 am
5:52 am
time for the sport here's touch on a. lawyers representing a former american football star who committed suicide in prison so he was suffering from the degenerative brain condition c.t.e. are in hernandez was found dead in his cell in april aged twenty seven the former new england patriots tight end had been convicted of murder in twenty fifteen studies of his brain showed a severe case of c.t.e. which has been repeatedly identified in deceased former n.f.l. players scientific evidence is shown to develop as a result of repeated blows to the head and has been linked to extreme behavior and suicidal tendencies. not only were the results positive. it was the most of your case i had ever seen and someone for someone in my team has filed a federal lawsuit suing the n.f.l. and the new england patriots on behalf of aaron hernandez's daughter frances sports
5:53 am
minister has warned that their team may withdraw from next year the winter olympics in south korea if current tensions with north korea after light laura flatow was speaking on french radio on the same day of life medal designs were unveiled for february's games which will be hosted just fifty kilometers from the north korean border in china south korea's president mungy in spoken wednesday in new york insisting that there is no security threat towards the event. last month the i.o.c. the nation's commission praised that chunk is ready to host the world there is no need to worry about the safety during the olympics i suppose no one here has ever heard of the people in korea group to be to fear about their safety you have that threats of terrorism indeed good here is one of the safest countries in the world the n.i.j.o. won't allow its players to compete but china is trying to build national interest
5:54 am
in ice hockey ahead of the twenty twenty two games shanghai hosting the fast and i child game ever to be played in china on thursday this was the first of two official preseason games between the los angeles kings and vancouver canucks the kings winning it five two. the sport of cycling has overwhelmingly voted for change with brian cox and replaced as president of the international cycling union after just one term frenchman david le party on won the election in there again norway by thirty seven votes to write the party on has vowed to crack down on corruption and tackle the threat of hidden mechanical engines in bikes he also wants to restructure the professional cycling calendar. while tennis number one rafa nadal has weighed in on the political fight currently taking place in his home country of spain the dollars in prague where he'll wind up in the new laver
5:55 am
cup tennis tournament begins on friday in the catalonian region there's been mass protests this week as they fight for independence from spain i love that alone yeah i really feel almost. spent with the you know with all this. i don't want to see it moto g.p. legend valentino rossi could be competing just three weeks after breaking his leg the nine time champion will make a decision on friday as to whether he's fit enough to compete and sundays are gone graeme prince spain the italian was getting around on thursday with the help of a walking stick after suffering a double leg fracture in a training accident need to understand the feeling with with their modern g.b. bike because it. would be different in general i feel quite good fortunately not too much pain. coming back every day the asian indoor and martial arts games
5:56 am
have been taking place in turkmenistan sports like sambo karate and more time i have played a traditional role in the culture of many asian countries as to how malik reports from about its hype to this event will help preserve their popularity amid the rise of mixed martial arts. martial arts have been practiced in asia for thousands of years but it's rare for them to get major international exposure campi back of aston is one of kurdistan's fighters in sambo a sport similar to judo and developed in the soviet union he says ask about games provides a great opportunity you're going to come to it's the first time some boys at the games and i think it's getting more popular if people will do some they will like it games organizers have recognize the road these games play in promoting martial arts they've tripled the number of events from the two thousand and thirteen games in south korea these people behind me are coming to watch martial arts their real
5:57 am
draw to ask about twenty seventeen but on a global scale another form of martial arts completely overshadows them. one championship at the singapore indoor stadium mixed martial arts m.m.a. which combines elements of many of the sports here is extremely popular with spectators competitions including the u.f.c. in one tram friendship hill twenty thousand seater venues every mark. they've also boosted the koreans a former mixed martial arts star such as ronda rousey who previously compete in the olympics in judo and is now appearing in movies. but following arouses example is not for everyone. that is for them and i would say yes to fight in a cage and fight in a ring is very different i like mixed martial arts i'm interested in it and watch it on t.v. but i am a kick boxer and my sport is much more dynamic than m.m.a. . traditional martial arts will struggle to ever catch up with m.m.a. in terms of popularity but with more events like this one in turkmenistan fighters
5:58 am
would hope not to get knocked out of the minds of sports fans so hell malik algis there asked around and that's all the sport for now more later. daryn john is going to be here with more on all these stories in a couple of minutes i'm rob matheson thanks for being with me but for now. the sky why should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies
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providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together i just want to make sure all of our audience is on the same page where they're online and what produced the u.s. citizens here and what puts people of iraq by one in the same or if you join us on sat i was never put a file been looked at differently because i'm dr that all the people this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make an actual join the global conversation this time on al-jazeera. has decided to break with tradition and train to sail
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competitively we've been up we want to present a positive image and to use this to your typical expectation of women for them it's about more than just racing yes you can still be good a modern woman and also a very talented sailor going off around the world showing everybody how strong people are al jazeera world meets the first female sailing crew in the gulf sailing stars at this time on al-jazeera. north korea says it may carry out a hydrogen bomb test in the pacific as donald trump ups the pressure up with new sanctions. hello i'm down jordan this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. we are
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horrified to see that the million marise already are laying my own minds.


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